Thursday, August 06, 2009

Meet Angil Tarach RN

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Currently there are between 45 and 60 million people providing care for a loved one in the US. As 77 million Baby Boomers age that number is expected to more than double.
I see families on a daily basis who have found themselves facing an unexpected illness or injury with a spouse, parent, or loved one, and are struggling to figure out the healthcare maze. I believe knowledge is power. The focus of my blogs will be to help people in our community by sharing 30+ years of my experience and education, so they are better equipped to handle and make decisions, and reduce their stress level, if or when they find themselves facing a crisis.

I have spent time with thousands of seniors and their families. Every person and family is unique, and has their own unique set of circumstances, but the situations they face are common among our senior population.
we as a nation need to provide better care and treatment of our older citizens.
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