Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Alzheimer's Reading Room Flashback

Americans Fear Alzheimer’s More Than Heart Disease, Diabetes or Stroke
A study by the MetLife Foundation found that Americans fear getting Alzheimer's disease more than heart disease, stroke, or diabetes. Alzheimer's ranks second in the minds of American's only to cancer.
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The Seven Stages of Alzheimer's
Experts have documented common patterns of symptom progression that occur in many individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and developed several methods of “staging” based on these patterns.
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James Smith: I'm 45 Years Old, I can't have Alzheimer's
My doctors initially diagnosed it as possible depression. I accepted the diagnosis, and started taking the medications they prescribed. The medications didn’t change the symptoms, even after taking them for several months. Also, the doctors noted that I didn’t seem to exhibit other signs of depression.
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Keeping time with Alzheimer's
"When guilt catches up with me, I am on the bike path above the creek, ducks swimming along beside me. Guilt rolls off our backs like you know what. Alone at last, I walk at my own pace. Fast. Fast is what Ben can no longer do -- and fast is slow compared with the woman coming toward me as I near the marsh. She is wearing shorts and earphones. She smiles and I smile back. What a good idea this is, walking out in the sun and cold. What could produce better clarity? I don't have to work it out the first day. I don't have to do it right the first time."
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