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Short Mental Exercises May Slow Decline of Aging Minds
Older adults who did the basic exercises followed by later sessions were three times as fast as those who got only the initial sessions when it came to activities of daily living, such as reacting to a road sign, looking up a number in a telephone book or checking the ingredients on a medicine bottle -- abilities that can spell the difference between living independently and needing help.
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Lifestyle Factors Contribute to Lowering and Raising Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
  • Unmarried status in mid-life and heart disease factors may increase Alzheimer's risk.
  • Repeatedly thinking about problems may reduce Alzheimer's risk.
  • Metabolic Syndrome May Lead to Cognitive Decline.
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Abnormal Thyroid Levels Can Increase Risk For Alzheimer’s Disease in Women
Thyroid disease, resulting from either low or high thyrotropin levels, has been found to be associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease in women
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PBS The Forgotten DVD
"The Forgetting" did a beautiful and honest job of capturing those thoughts and feelings and emotions that the loved ones face through the long, slow course of this disease.

As an elder law attorney who deals with dementia and Alzheimer's on a daily basis I strongly recommend this dvd. It is a sobering and realistic insight into what is coming next in your journey as a caretaker. It is so valuable in fact, that I have several copies that I keep to loan out to clients. If you are dealing with the issue of Alzheimer's disease, you must see this dvd.

The Forgetting - A Portrait of Alzheimer's

The Complete Eldercare Planner, Revised and Updated Edition: Where to Start, Which Questions to Ask, and How to Find Help

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