Friday, January 02, 2009

If it is not Alzheimer's, What is it?

While searching Google, I ran across an interesting article about Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus(NPH) on the ABC 7 website--San Francisco.

This article reminded me that when my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's my cousin Carole sent me an article about Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus(NPH). Of course, like many I was hoping this would turn out to be my mother's diagnosis rather than the dreaded Alzheimer's disease. It didn't turn out as I hoped but I still believe this is worth looking into as an alternative diagnosis.

As time went on, I learned there are many disease that can present as Alzheimer's. One is hypothyroidism. It turned out my mother was suffered from this disease. Correcting this problem with medication helped her; but, it was not the cure for her Alzheimer's disease.

Over the years I learned many diseases can present as Alzheimer's and each time I consulted with my mother's physician about them. Finding and absorbing this information takes time and a lot of research. If you are wondering about these other causes of Alzheimer's I suggest you take a look at these articles. I believe they are helpful, informative, and interesting.

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