Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Grape seed extract may fight Alzheimer's

This is a second post on grape seed and MegaNatural AZ. If you want to look into this clip the link below.
A red grape seed
extract that packs the punch of red wine -- without the alcohol --
could help protect against memory loss due to Alzheimer's disease

Polyphenolic compounds are antioxidants naturally found in wine,
tea, chocolate, and some fruits and vegetables. The mice in the
study received levels of polyphenols equivalent to what a person
would consume with a daily glass or two of red wine.

To sidestep the alcohol issue, Pasinetti and his team
investigated whether an extract of red grape seeds sold as
MegaNatural AZ by Polyphenolics, a Madera, California-based grape
products supplier, might prevent the progress of the disease in
mice. Polyphenolics helped fund the research.

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