Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who Are the Sandwich Generation?

If the term Sandwich Generation leaves you feeling hungry, you may not know about the new buzz surrounding a subset of caregivers nicknamed the “Sandwich Generation”. This colorful name refers to caregivers who find themselves squeezed between caring for younger loved ones (usually children) and elderly parents or family members. This may be nothing new, but these caregivers are becoming a rising interest within American society.
Who are the Sandwich Generation?
They are the nearly 10 million boomers that are now raising kids, teenagers or young adults while providing financial support for an aging parent.
According on one survey, 70 percent of the Sandwich Generation are providing care simultaneously for parents and children
“You either are a caregiver, will be a caregiver or someone will be caring for you between now and whenever you die,” Donna Schempp, of the National Family Caregivers Alliance
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